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In-Depth Coverage Of The Irish And European Markets


The Cannabis Summit will take place on Saturday the 25th of February 2023 in the R.D.S Event centre in Dublin, Ireland. Commencing at 9:30 am the event will conclude at 5:00 pm and the post-event networking event will commence at 7:30 pm.

The Cannabis Summit was created to demonstrate why Ireland is an ideal investment location for North American companies looking to enter the emerging European cannabis market. Ireland is the preferred European hub for household names in the North American tech and pharmaceutical sectors due to its competitive corporate tax rates, favourable business climate, legal system, and highly educated workforce.

For many North American companies, Ireland is a unique gateway into the European market. Drawing on the expertise of industry leaders in economics, finance, law, and public policy, the Cannabis Summit will demonstrate why Ireland is the ideal destination for positioning your company's entry into the emerging European cannabis market.

Ireland has long been a few steps behind all countries in the global cannabis industry. The Cannabis Summit aims to bring the best and brightest talent from the global cannabis industry to Dublin to showcase how and why Ireland should be leading the way for the European cannabis industry. Ireland will never be the home of cultivation or manufacturing but we can be the home to the service providers for the industry in Europe. From legal to finance to policy and management, Ireland has a big role to play for any North American company that wishes to pivot into the European market.

With global experts like Robert Hoban of Clark Hill, and John Hudak, director of the cannabis office for the state of Maine, alongside legal experts such as Marie Sanchez the founder of NOOA Avocats, we aim to showcase why Ireland is perfectly positioned for the European cannabis industry.

Ireland is already home to a host of ambitious cannabis entrepreneurs and The Cannabis Summit will help to facilitate a deeper understanding of the global industry's laws, economics and policy matters. Building a strong Irish cannabis ecosystem is a priority for all involved in The Cannabis Summit.

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