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The Hague Cannabis Summit

On April 12th, 2024, the World Horti Centre in The Hague will host a pivotal Cannabis Summit focusing on the burgeoning fields of cultivation and investment in the cannabis industry. This event promises to be a cornerstone for industry professionals, offering insights into the most recent advancements and trends in cannabis cultivation and the evolving landscape of investment opportunities.

The summit will feature a lineup of renowned experts such as Sonny Moerenhout, whose expertise from Cultivators on licensed cannabis and hydroponic business growth. Jamie L Pearson, with her leadership role at New Holland Group, brings a wealth of knowledge about operational success and investment strategies. Rachel Wright of FinWright LLP will offer valuable perspectives on financial and tax intricacies within the industry, grounding the summit's discussions in fiscal realism and regulatory compliance.

Moreover, voices like Dorien Rookmaker MEP, representing the legislative angle; Heidi Whitman's view on global strategy; and  Ashwin Matai, whose background in industrial engineering and cannabis cultivation trials at Wageningen University highlight the technical and scientific advancement in the field. This summit will offer a comprehensive overview of the industry from seed to strategy. Sita Schubert will merge legal and entrepreneurial insight, while Rob Smallman's vast experience in international cultivation will be indispensable for understanding the global market. Other speakers of note will be Simone Van Breda, Robert Jappie, John Wolfes, Mariana Larrea, Alexandre Gauthier, and Joeri Perneel will bring extra value for all attendees.

This assemblage of experts is underscored by the support of sponsors like Shimadzu, providing analytical instruments for quality control, Cultivators, enhancing operational partnerships, and World Horti Centre, a beacon of horticultural innovation. The New Holland Group's expertise in brand development, FinWright LLC's financial acumen, Green Grown's dedication to eco-friendly cultivation, TSR Grow's advanced cultivation technology, and Equilibrium Lab's research focus promise a summit that not only discusses the current state of cannabis cultivation and investment but also looks forward to the innovative future of the industry.

Attendees can expect a convergence of knowledge, with presentations and discussions aimed at both honing current practices and exploring the potential of cannabis in new markets. With a nod to sustainability, technological advancements, and an ever-changing regulatory landscape, the summit is positioned to be a transformative experience for all participants in the industry.

The last remaining tickets are available here

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