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In-Depth Coverage Of The Irish And European Markets

Green Voter Guide

Updated: May 7

As the upcoming European and local elections approach, many voters in Ireland are interested in candidates' positions on cannabis reform, both for medical and recreational purposes but also for our Irish Hemp industry. People want to know who is in favour, and what candidates can do to advance local and European reform. This is not an issue just for the sitting Government, local and European policies can play their part, and these influences can greatly shape the future of cannabis in Ireland.


Here are some questions to consider asking candidates when they come knocking at your door:

Local Election Candidates

1.    How do you plan to address the issue of access to medical cannabis for patients in need? Are you in favour of expanding access to medical cannabis treatments?

2.    What is your position on the current laws surrounding cannabis in Ireland? Do you believe they adequately address the needs of patients and the wider community?

3.    What role do you think local governments should play in cannabis regulation and enforcement? How would you work with local authorities to ensure fair and effective implementation of cannabis policies?

4.    Do you support the establishment of safe consumption spaces or social clubs for cannabis users in Ireland? How do you envision these initiatives contributing to harm reduction and community well-being?

5.    What measures would you propose to address the social and economic impacts of cannabis prohibition, such as criminalisation and disparities in law enforcement?

6.    How do you plan to engage with stakeholders, including medical professionals, cannabis advocacy groups, and community organisations, to develop inclusive and effective cannabis policies?

7.    If elected, what steps would you take to promote public education and awareness about cannabis, including its potential benefits and risks?

8.    How do you envision supporting the growth and development of the hemp industry in Ireland, considering its potential economic and environmental benefits?

European Election Candidates

1.    Many countries across Europe have implemented cannabis reform policies. Do you believe Ireland should follow suit? If so, what specific steps would you advocate for?

2.    Do you support the legalisation of cannabis for recreational use in Ireland? What measures would you propose to regulate its sale and consumption responsibly?

3.    Are you open to considering evidence-based research and expert opinions when forming policies related to cannabis? How would you ensure that policy decisions are informed by scientific evidence and public health considerations?

4.    How do you envision supporting the growth and development of the hemp industry in Ireland, considering its potential economic and environmental benefits?

5.    What measures would you propose to streamline regulations and facilitate the expansion of hemp cultivation and processing in Ireland?

6.    How would you address any existing barriers or challenges faced by hemp farmers and businesses in accessing EU funding, grants, and support programmes aimed at promoting agricultural innovation and diversification?

7. Can you clarify why binding European Union agriculture and trade law is disregarded in Ireland and explain on what basis Irish hemp farmers and operators are denied a licence to grow their crop from EU-certified seed ?


In the lead-up to the European and local elections, voters need to engage with candidates on the issue of cannabis reform and the development of our Irish Hemp industry. These elections provide a unique opportunity for constituents to directly influence the direction of cannabis policies at both local and European levels. By asking candidates about their positions on cannabis reform, voters can hold them accountable and ensure that their concerns are heard and addressed. Whether it's advocating for improved access to medical cannabis, supporting the growth of the hemp industry, or promoting evidence-based policies, voters have the power to shape the future of cannabis legislation in Ireland. So, when candidates come knocking at your door, be sure to ask the tough questions and make your voice heard. Together, we can work towards a more progressive and equitable approach to cannabis reform in Ireland.

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