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Cannabis Improves Survival Rates for Palliative Cancer Patients

Exciting new research published in the journal Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids reveals that regular use of oral THC, a key component of cannabis, can significantly enhance survival times in palliative cancer patients. The study, conducted by German researchers, offers promising insights into the potential benefits of cannabis in improving outcomes for patients receiving palliative care.

The groundbreaking study evaluated the effects of THC dosing in a large cohort of 9,419 advanced cancer patients enrolled in Specialized Palliative Outpatient Care (SAPC). SAPC provides personalised home-based care for individuals facing advanced and progressive diseases, offering support to improve their quality of life during their final days, weeks, or months.

Researchers discovered a clear correlation between THC consumption and increased survival time among patients. Specifically, patients who ingested a daily dose of at least 4.7mg of THC experienced significantly longer survival times compared to those not using THC or consuming lower doses. Remarkably, the median survival time for patients using more than 4.7mg of THC per day was extended by a substantial 15 days – from 25 days to 40 days.

The study's authors emphasised the profound impact of THC on patients' well-being, highlighting not only the extension of survival but also the improvement in mental and physical activity. Patients treated with THC often reported feeling more alert, engaged, and capable of participating in meaningful activities. This enhanced quality of life enables patients to reconnect with loved ones, engage in social interactions, and address important matters before the end of life.

These findings are further supported by previous research published in 2021, which demonstrated a similar association between THC use and increased survival times in German hospice patients, particularly among elderly women aged 75 and older.

These findings underscore the vital role of cannabis in enhancing the lives of palliative cancer patients. With the potential to extend survival times and improve overall well-being, cannabis offers hope and comfort to those facing terminal illnesses.

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