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November 5th: Online Day of Action

Tomorrow November 5th Irish drug policy activists are planning an online day of action to highlight the pressing issue of cannabis reform in Ireland. Every day people are criminalised for the personal use of cannabis, every day patients are among those criminalised due to our restrictive Medicinal Cannabis Access Programme, and every day those with the power to change this ignore the mounting evidence for change and ignore people’s voices for change. Over 90% of Irish people are in favour of cannabis reform in some form, yet we have many Irish citizens living abroad to access medicinal cannabis as they do not qualify for our MCAP or the costs are prohibitive.

They are urging policymakers, advocacy groups, public figures, patients, and fellow advocates to join them in spreading this message. To join this day of action, you are asked to share a simple message on your socials using the following hashtags.

There are also infographics available to encourage people to get involved. The graphics are simple. “I support Cannabis Reform because…”. It allows every individual to personalise their reason for supporting cannabis reform in Ireland, whether you are a patient, recreational user, or supporter of change. Not everyone is comfortable sharing their reasons, a simple like or reshare on posts can also help get the hashtags trending and bring cannabis reform beyond the echo chamber of advocates.

Here at The Cannabis Review, we hope to encourage people to take part.

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