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Ireland's National Day of Action 23rd August 2022

The Patients For Safe Access (PFSA) was formed by Irish medical cannabis patients Martin O'Brien, Alicia Maher, Kenny Tynan, and Martin Condon. The group has since swelled in numbers, after a hugely successful 2021 National Patient Conference in Dublin, with patients from across Ireland joining the movement to ask for clear patient access to medical cannabis.

The next major event for the Patients For Safe Access (PFSA) is coming on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2022. Patients from across Ireland will be gathering peacefully at the Health Department to voice their concerns to the Department of Health officials about the current restrictions on the MCAP. The National Day of Action is a peaceful gathering that will have doctors, politicians, patients, advocates, influencers, and legal experts speaking on safe access to medical cannabis in Ireland.

The current medical cannabis access program (MCAP) in Ireland is restrictive and requires any patient that qualifies and manages to obtain a prescription from a Doctor to have it signed off by a consultant.

The Cannabis Review spoke to Martin O'Brien, one of the co-founders of PFSA, to chat about the upcoming PFSA event.

"We want to reach out to the voice of Ireland, there are a lot of very real people suffering, and a lot of patients having very negative experiences with the current medical cannabis access program. The aim is to highlight the need to add chronic pain to the list of conditions in the Medical Cannabis Access Program (MCAP). There is also a blockage, the blockage is the fact a consultant needs to approve a doctor's prescription. The current MCAP is not fit for purpose and needs to be updated."

For more on the PFSA visit the site below.

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