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High on Christmas: The Ultimate Cannabis Christmas Gift Guide for 2023

A couple of weeks ago I asked the Irish Cannabis Community what items they could not do without and for suggestions for cannabis-related gift suggestions this Christmas. Needless to say, cannabis itself cannot be given as a gift as it is an illegal substance, although I did have multiple suggestions of this nature. Another common theme in suggestions was decriminalisation, legalisation and social clubs, unfortunately, even the big man in red can't work that kind of magic.

Nonetheless, we have had a large number of suggestions for gifts from Irish companies.

From stylish accessories, cutting-edge gadgets and some old-school favourites, there is something for every type of cannabis consumer in the list below. #ShopLocal


I had several suggestions for glass-based filter tips, but Frog in Flames was recommended on multiple occasions. Handmade and blown in Ireland, glass filter tips. Glass tips are effective in cooling down before inhaling, they keep your fingertips smell-free, and easy to clean and reuse. These filter tips are reasonably priced and begin at €4 for the essentials, with a higher price for the more extravagant ones, meaning these make a great stocking filler.



Vaporisers have changed the game in the last few years. With more and more people eliminating traditional tobacco, vaporisers have risen in popularity. Vaporisers use battery-powered heating chambers to produce heat. The heating chamber then vaporises the product at the press of a button. Available evidence shows that, compared with smoking, vaping cannabis can reduce exposure to several toxins, CO, and chronic respiratory symptoms while producing similar subjective effects, and hence might have the potential of harm reduction. Moreover, vaping is proposed to be an effective way of delivering therapeutic doses of cannabis as compared with oral route and smoking.

Multiple brands and types were suggested, with each person having their own individual favourite. The top suggestions ranged in were the PAX 3, the PuffCo Proxy and the DynaVape. In terms of pricing, the process range from price from €50 to over €300.





In 2024 we want to keep being environmentally conscious and limit the use of single use plastic. As someone who consumes too much nicotine daily, I found myself having multiple disposable lighters that didn’t work. Several years ago I committed to never buy a plastic lighter again and invested in a Zippo. 4 years later I have yet to purchase a disposable lighter. A reusable lighter is a great gift suggestion with multiple options available. A Zippo is a firm old favourite, but it can be too big and clumsy for some people, a reusable Clipper is another firm favourite and all refillable and reusable. In recent years we have seen an increase in rechargeable lighters, and these are available in most stores such as Dunnes Stores.



A good quality grinder is often underestimated. Grinders help release more flavour molecules and allow you to be efficient in getting more from your product. There is debate within the community about which type of grinder is the best, but that is down to personal preference more than anything else. One thing everyone agrees on is don’t waste your money on cheap plastic options.

Hemp is as we all know a versatile product. In recent years we are seeing more and more products made from hemp. Hemp grinders come with the added benefit of being biodegradable. You can find a range of styles of hemp grinders in Ireland and are cost-effective in comparison with other materials.

Aluminium grinders are lightweight and mostly affordable. You can expect to pay about €30 for a good quality aluminium grinder in Ireland with multiple designs and styles on offer, you won't struggle to find one to fit your aesthetic.


Stainless steel is at the luxury end of the category and can cost around €100+ for a good quality product. Stainless steel is known for its durability, resistance to wear and tear, easy cleaning and making it difficult for bacteria to survive, meaning it is a good investment and will stand the test of time. When we consider what we cut our food with in the kitchen, stainless steel is usually the top choice.


Cannabis Cookbook

Despite years of prohibition, cannabis consumption habits are not isolated to the traditional joint in Ireland. Edibles are on the rise. With the multiple dangers associated with black-market synthetic edibles products. Making your own edibles is becoming more and more popular. Cooking with cannabis can seem daunting for beginners, but edibles are one of the safest forms of consumption there is today and easily personalised to each person's taste. There are plenty of cannabis cookbooks available on the market, with one firm favourite being suggested multiple times.

Bong Appetit: Mastering the art of cooking with weed is based on the popular Munchies and Viceland series of the same name. It features 65 “high” end recipes for both sweet and savoury dishes as well as cocktails, ensuring there is something for every palate. The book also delves into storage, dosage, strains and flavours, so even beginner bakers can get to work making some edibles.


A commonly recommended and highly regarded item for your kitchen is an herbal infuser or decarboxylator, deemed essential for crafting infused tinctures, oils, butter, or other edible creations. Decarboxylation, the process involving precise heat and time, transforms chemical compounds, such as THC and CBD, in the plant into molecular forms capable of interacting with receptors in your brain. Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), a naturally occurring compound in marijuana, cannot convert into tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) without the application of heat. I was unable to find this product from a reputable Irish supplier.



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