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Guidance For New York's Adult-Use Retail Dispensaries

The Cannabis Control Board that oversees New York's new adult-use regulations released a guide for what to expect when applying for a Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary (CARD) licence.

'The Cannabis Control Board (the Board) has the authority, pursuant to Section 85 of the Cannabis Law, to promulgate regulations governing licensed adult-use dispensaries. Once adopted and effective, the regulations will serve as the rules that all licensees must follow to remain compliant with the Cannabis Law.'

There were a number of items that caught the eye of The Cannabis Review team and we wanted to break them down for all interested parties.

No vertically integrated operations are to be allowed. We believe this is a positive move as we have seen in Canada what happens the large vertically integrated operations, they do not do well. Almost all major Canadian MSOs are losing market share to smaller more targeted businesses. Craft cultivation is but one example.

Opening times will not be allowed to exceed 8:00 am and go past 12:00 am. So from eight until midnight operators can sell produce but late-night dispensaries are not to be allowed.

Dispensaries will only be approved if the dispensary is in a location consistent with "public convenience and advantage standards, as determined by the Board."

Your business must be located in a store with a street-level entrance.

500 feet from school grounds or a community facility.

200 feet from a building occupied exclusively as a house of worship.

Required inventory tracking, including batch/lot identifiers, transaction adjustments, product weight, and volume as well as worker identification of those handling inventory.

Retailers cannot display cannabis visible from outside the store.

Factors that influence an approval decision include:

  • Proximity to other licenses

  • Effects on parking and traffic

  • Noise level impact

  • Granting a license would promote public convenience and advantage and the public interest of the community

New York is shaping up to be a very interesting market and The Cannabis Review will keep you up to speed on all the latest news as we have it.

The full NY Guidance paper is available free here

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