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Crainn and Uplift have joined forces

Crainn, who aims to educate the public and policymakers on sensible drug policy solutions and harm reduction, has partnered with Uplift to make a quick and easy email too to contact your local TDs and voice your support for cannabis reform in Ireland. The process takes less than 60 seconds to complete.

People often underestimate the power and importance of contacting your local TD. People underestimate the need to make their voices and opinions heard on important topics, such as cannabis reform in Ireland. Crainn and Uplift have made that task easier. They have joined forces to establish an email tool to encourage your TD to push for changes in our drug policy that were recommended by the Joint Committee on Justice.

The Justice Committee Report contained a number of recommendations that would signal a monumental step forward in Ireland’s approach to harm reduction and cannabis consumption. They proposed

  • Decriminalisation

  • Prioritising a health-led approach in both policy and practice by stepping away from a criminal justice approach to drug consumption.

  • Expansion of the Medical Cannabis Access Programme to include chronic illness.

  • Increased investment into programmes, services, treatment, and dual diagnosis.

  • Fact-based nationwide education on drug consumption and haThe rapidduction.

  • Rapid expansion of drug testing schemes piloted at Electric Picnic.

  • Further examination and research of non-profit cultivation, such as social clubs to regulate the cannabis supply.

  • Expansion of the Spent Conviction framework to include convictions for personal drug use.

Speaking to the Cannabis Review on the importance of the campaign, Crainn said;

"This campaign is really about empowering people to engage with their locally elected politicians about cannabis.

There are so many cannabis users and advocates for legalisation but sometimes our voice is never heard. This is really about putting the power into people's hands and making sure that we are included in the current debate.

We think that TDs' minds can be changed on this when provided with the facts and personal testimonies from so many people across Ireland.

People should also continue engagement, and reply back to anything they receive in response from a TD"

You simply select your constituency/area and the TDs you would like to email. An email template with all the necessary information will automatically send to each TD. The template can also be amended to include personal stories or reasons why you support reform. Crainn is encouraging everyone to take part and show our TDs the wide support for reform in Ireland.

With the recent Citizen Assembly on Drugs announcement to begin in April, it is now more important than ever to make your voice heard.

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