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Updated: Jul 12, 2022

The use of Artificial intelligence has become widespread in many business sectors and the cannabis industry seems to be no different. We spoke to Dr. Markus Roggen, a co-founder and chief scientific officer of DELIC Labs from Vancouver, Canada to see what tools of A.I are currently in use in the cannabis industry and what the benefits are.

Language A.I – extraction and cannabis analytics to discover new compounds. Interpret mass fragmentation process to find new cannabinoids and track them.

Computer Vision – helps track the health of a cannabis plant during the life cycle. Using cameras in the ceiling you can treat single plants or remove diseased leaves.

Trimming – utilising robots to trim cannabis flower and trim to perfection. Understand the plant from all angles and where it needs to be cut.

Expect to see lots more use cases of A.I assisting the cannabis industry as we progress the industry forward.

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